List of our best sponsors and information for paysite owners.

As a paysite owner you can expose your program and it's galleries to all sites running our scripts. Sign up to Smart Sponsors system and import all your FHG galleries and tube content.The total number of clicks generated by sites running our TGP scripts is over 120 million a day!, imagine the potential traffic you might see!

With tube content you have two choices:

  • Import your tube content to Smart Sponsors system and we will build FLV XML feed
  • Create your own FLV XML feed following this specification and send it to us (internal message in Smart Sponsors system)

  • List with all sponsors with FLV XML feed you can find here.

    Once you have your FHG galleries or your FLV XML feed in our system they are immediately available to all webmasters running our TGP/Tube scripts, they can choose to signup to your program and import your galleries with their affiliate id's in place! The webmaster can import your galleries by niche, category and than choose to auto crop or manually crop thumbs for them.

    Currently there are over 830.000 galleries in the system now and this number is growing real fast! More and more program owners are taking our system seriously because they have seen an increase in sales and affiliates.


    What they say?

    Finally after a long and frustrating search for the perfect tube script the search has ended. Smart Tube Professional is all you need to run whatever type of tube script you can think of. With it's build in payment processor support it's super easy to integrate payment support for CCBILL, EPOCH, MPA3, NATS4 to just name a few. The Smart Scripts team did it again!


    Time has come to change from TGP's to tubes and Smart Tube Pro would be the best way to go with. After 2 weeks my my search engine traffic grew from almost a 0 to 7k per day. STP proved it self to be friendly to search engine and gave life to the site.


    STP is the third tube script i get to setup and install from the ground, and i can tell you STP is at another level, i wont lie you here.. you will not have the site running in 1 day, but it will do EVERYTHING you need from a professional tube script, its fast and have all the features you might need. If you are working on a serious project then look no further, STP will be the key to your success.