Smart Spots Script

SmartSpots is a fast and simple ad rotation script.

SmartSpots is a simple script that allows management of advertisements on your pages and domains. Smart Spots has two GUI interfaces. In the admin panel you can manage advertisers, advertising positions, campaigns and banners. Your advertisers can order campaigns and add banners in the submit form. With memcache SmartSpots can cache your advertisements to keep your server fast and load low. There is no realtime mysql connection. SmartSpots allow you to collect simple impressions and clicks stats. These stats saved in realtime cache or in flat files to minimize server load and are periodically moved to mysql database with cron.

Main features

  • From one script you can serve advertisements to unlimited amount of pages and domains
  • You can get simple impressions and clicks stats for your advertisements
  • Memcache support (advertisements can be cached)
  • Advertisement buyers can order campaigns in submit form
  • Potential advertisers can request account trough a submit form
  • You can sell advertisements time or amount of clicks
  • You can display advertisements based on country (requires mode_geoip installed)
  • You can display advertisements based on browser languages
  • You can display advertisements based on keyword defined in advertisement code (based on gallery tags you can display for every tube STxT gallery another advertisement based on tag information)
  • You can set to display random campaign banner (campaign option)
  • Advertisement position can have unlimited amount of campaigns
  • Campaign position can have unlimited amount of advertisements (banners)
  • Simple integration into your pages (you can just copy & paste javascript or php code)
  • Message system with your advertisers
  • Email notification system about automated campaigns and banners changes
  • Filters with Ajax support (it's easier to find want you want filter)
  • For easier management you can sort advertising positions to groups (this will help you if you advertise on more domains)


Smart Spots Prices

Each copy ...................... $50
Optional installation ....... $40
Domain change ............... $12.5