Smart Spots Script

SmartSpots is a fast and simple ad rotation script.

Smart Spots admin url:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Smart Spots advertiser url:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Three example demo advertisements you can see here:

Demo don't have functionality limitation. You can check first steps in help ( to learn how to use this script and try add your own banners and load them on your pages (domain). Impressions and clicks of your banners will be counted. Please do not delete defaut advertplaces, campaings and banners.

Demo is restored every hour (in first hour minute) from backup, this means that you have 1 hour to test it out. After this time interval all your changes in demo will be lost. You can see server time in demo header.


What they say?

Finally after a long and frustrating search for the perfect tube script the search has ended. Smart Tube Professional is all you need to run whatever type of tube script you can think of. With it's build in payment processor support it's super easy to integrate payment support for CCBILL, EPOCH, MPA3, NATS4 to just name a few. The Smart Scripts team did it again!


Time has come to change from TGP's to tubes and Smart Tube Pro would be the best way to go with. After 2 weeks my my search engine traffic grew from almost a 0 to 7k per day. STP proved it self to be friendly to search engine and gave life to the site.


STP is the third tube script i get to setup and install from the ground, and i can tell you STP is at another level, i wont lie you here.. you will not have the site running in 1 day, but it will do EVERYTHING you need from a professional tube script, its fast and have all the features you might need. If you are working on a serious project then look no further, STP will be the key to your success.