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We started using STP in 2015 and using the system to manage my tube site is so seamless that I hardly even think about it anymore. As a webmaster, that kind of reliability is a blessing specially when our TGP site was penalised by Google. STP helps our sites to back on top in Google SERP. I'm very happy with the STP and the redesign of our site has improved our traffic to record levels.

JoJi Yellowplum Limited

The Smart-scripts guys have done a wonderful job of creating a script that exceeds our expectations. The script is a cost efficient and extremely effective tool. Our network has been a beneficiary of their products for years.


Like most webmasters I don't like to give away my secrets. But smart-scripts team have been so helpful over the years that they have asked me to write a quote for their site. I have been using STP since it was released back in 2009, I also use another two tube scripts. But, I still prefer STP for projects. The admin area is so user friendly, everything just works and you can code feeder tube sites with as little as 10 templates, which rank very well in search engines. My main STP site is a fairly large freemium tube site, with a free/paid upgrade option. The paytube functionality of STP works a treat, it has earned many tens of thousands from premium payments alone. Out of all the software packages I have purchased over the years, STP has definitely been the best investment. And I look forward to building a large network of feeder tubes with it.


Finally after a long and frustrating search for the perfect tube script the search has ended. Smart Tube Professional is all you need to run whatever type of tube script you can think of. With it's build in payment processor support it's super easy to integrate payment support for CCBILL, EPOCH, MPA3, NATS4 to just name a few. The Smart Scripts team did it again!

Ip0li ScriptPulse

Time has come to change from TGP's to tubes and Smart Tube Pro would be the best way to go with. After 2 weeks my my search engine traffic grew from almost a 0 to 7k per day. STP proved it self to be friendly to search engine and gave life to the site.


STP is the third tube script i get to setup and install from the ground, and i can tell you STP is at another level, i wont lie you here.. you will not have the site running in 1 day, but it will do EVERYTHING you need from a professional tube script, its fast and have all the features you might need. If you are working on a serious project then look no further, STP will be the key to your success.


Smart thumbs is a very clever way of running your site. It has it all. The built-in intelligent thumbnail rotation ensures to continuesly grow your traffic, easy to use admin-interface is a pleasure to work with, and the whole thing takes just a tiny bit of your CPU. Best of all, the feature I love the most, is an ability to import URLs in bulk. Go to sponsor, copy/past the urls to your admin, and you are done. Smart Thumbs will automatically create thumbs and will pick the most clickable one, after running some tests on it. Since I put it on cliphunter, the site's traffic has doubled. The increase isn't so fast anymore, however, steady growth can be seen. Remember thoug, you gotta keep putting in fresh urls!


I have tried nearly all the tgp scripts available on the market and must say, that smart thumbs makes the job best of all. It is feature-rich enough to make the site attractive, it is simple enough to make the configuration and day-to-day operations fast and effective. ST does not kill the server with heavy load and the support since ever is awesome. As the last word - it is really hard not to grow the site using Smart Thumbs! Good work guys!


I have used many tgp scripts, but the most nice one is ST5,I really like it. Easy to use, many useful functions, friendly interface, and cheap price. Now I have two sites which working with ST5. All of them are stable. Thanx ST guys. Hope you can be the best thumb rotator group!


Smart Thumbs is THE ultimate tgp script to run thumb sites. We grow a lot of sites for some of the biggest players in the industry and we favor Smart Thumbs over any other thumb script out there. Not only is the script very flexible, it gives you a lot of control over your galleries. The built in template maker is also a very helpful feature, as you can have a customized template built with just a click of a button. Other scripts have messy, complicated codes. I am so glad you guys are making everyone's lives easier by offering such a great piece of software.


I have used many tgp scripts, but the most nice one is ST5,I really like it. Easy to use, many useful functions, friendly interface, and cheap price. Now I have two sites which working with ST5. All of them are stable. Thanx ST guys. Hope you can be the best thumb rotator group!

CraK - DamageX.com

Smart Thumbs is the best thumb preview admin script I have ever used. Why? Easy to install. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Easy on your server. It's also loaded with powerful features and impressive options that deliver complete control over the site design to the webmaster. And you can operate, and easily maintain, numerous sites on multiple servers - all off of one master DB. Combine this with outstanding, and polite, tech support, as well as a knowledgable and ever growing community of webmaster/users, and you can't lose. Smart Thumbs makes it much easier to generate traffic - lot's of it - and manage which sponsors you send it to.


I was using all kinds of scripts for years but once i replaced them with SmartThumbs my life got much easier. Today i use smartthumbs on all my sites and the things got only better. Perfect and simple, powerful and less time consuming - SmartThumbs is the only thumbs rotator you will ever want to use. I highly recommend everyone to at least try SmartThumbs 5 because once you do so, i am sure you will never want to go back.


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