Smart Tube Pro Script

Tube site content management solution.

After over a year of development we proudly present our latest product Smart Tube Professional script! Smart Tube Professional script or in short STP is build from the ground up to be a full blown tube site content management solution.

We have been watching the tube site market closely and have been listening to the needs of hundreds of professional webmasters and started creating a tube script that we feel is about all you ever need in a tube script, here's why...

Main features

  • Full template driven (
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Advanced caching for high traffic sites
  • Multi-lingual, you can set unlimited amount of language translations
  • Anti hotlink support for videos (lighttpd mod_secdownload)
  • Lighttpd pseudo streaming supported
  • Different video formats can be created for each video (flv (flv codec), flv (VP6), mp4 (x264 ipod/iphone compatible), mp4 (mpeg4 ipod/iphone compatible), original format)
  • Different video samples can be saved, e.g. 60 seconds preview from full video
  • Original video can be saved for later use (convert to upcoming video format)
  • Self hosted video and picture galleries
  • Support for external video galleries (self hosted content isn't required) NEW
  • Videos and gallery images can be watermarked
  • Paid membership system built in (timed membership, pay per video/gallery credit system)
  • Graphical membership statistics
  • Submitter accounts support (free or paid)
  • Submitters can add own banner to video/gallery page (recip link)
  • Different video format can be shown for free and paid members (sample video preview)
  • Automatic site updates! Your site can run on auto-pilot by updating from our 600k+ galleries database (
  • Automatically grab videos from galleries and converts to flash playable format
  • Automatic sorting into your categories
  • Automatically updates from free hosted galleries database (video & picture galleries)
  • Advertising management for galleries, based on sponsor/paysite
  • International (UTF-8) character support
  • Customizable XML feeds
  • Custom site pages can be added as modules
  • Users can select their niche, site content will be hidden for them
  • Easy way to build network of sites using embed sync functionality NEW
  • Embed & external videos import from xml/csv feeds NEW
  • Added API import fuctionality for easy import of embed/external videos (supported pornhub, youporn, redtube APIs)NEW

Member Features

  • Billing system allows you to charge webmasters for submitter accounts and surfers for access to your videos
  • Integrated billing systems:
    • CCBill (credit cards)
    • Epoch (credit cards)
    • Epoch MPA3 (credit cards, with affiliate program)
    • Zombaio (credit cards)
    • NATS4 (billing agregator)
    • MPA3 (billing agregator)
    • (SMS micro payments)
    • (SMS micro payments)
    • We keep adding more based on popular demand
  • Different payment options:
    • Membership - user can buy timed membership, e.g. for 30 days
    • Pay per video/gallery - user can buy credit which can be spent on selected videos or galleries
  • Different "pay per video/gallery" price calculation:
    • Flat price - each gallery costs same
    • Pay per gallery content - you can define price per second for videos and per image for galleries. Total price for gallery view is calculated based on this value and gallery content
  • Different member account types:
    • user - can upload and watch videos
    • webmaster - can upload and watch videos, add advertising to their own videos
  • Different account limits per account type (views, uploads, membership length):
    • anonymous surfer
    • registered user without active membership
    • registered webmaster without active membership
    • registered user with active membership
    • registered webmaster with active membership
  • Payment options can be set per-account basis, you can have different price and submission/views limits for submitters and common users
  • Affiliate code can be passed to site/video/picture gallery. Code is saved when member signs up and then used when member buys paid site membership.
  • User registration and video/picture upload can be rejected for selected countries (GeoIP)
  • Search for videos, galleries, playlists, blogs, users and groups
  • View member stats - number of videos uploaded, space/bandwidth used, total number of friends, new messages, number of times videos have been viewed
  • Display videos uploaded and the video details such as tags, runtime, total views, number of comments, status and video link
  • Ability to remove uploaded videos and edit current video file details such as video title, description, video channels, set video as public/private, enable or disable comments/ratings/embed video

Index page

  • Showing last added videos/picture galleries, last added by niche (main category), last registered users, featured videos and galleries and overall site statistics


  • Each category will display video/picture gallery listings according to recently added, most watched, top rated and premium (paid access only) videos/galleries

Watch Videos / Video edit Page

  • Related / User videos tabbed menu
  • Select thumbnail on video edit page
  • Display most recently uploaded videos
  • Display top rated videos
  • Display featured videos
  • Display premium videos (paid membership access required)
  • Write Comments (Ajax)
  • Member Avatar next to his comment
  • Member profile with avatar next to video
  • Rate Video (Ajax)
  • Add to favorites
  • Flag Video (Inappropriate)
  • Download Video in different formats (original/ipod/mpeg/smaller resolution/etc.)
  • Display Related Videos
  • Copy&Paste Perma-Link and Embeddable Code
  • Member can report spam comments
  • Basic Flash Player (play, pause, buffering, fullscreen, logo)

Video Upload / Conversion

  • Step-by-step video upload for quick and easy uploading of videos
  • Each video upload will have a video URL (Perma-Link) and a embeddable player HTML source code for users to put the video into web pages
  • Original video can be saved for future new video format conversion
  • Each video can be saved in different video sizes and formats:
    • FLV
    • VP6
    • x264 (iphone/ipod compatible)
    • mpeg4 (iphone/ipod compatible)
  • Configure different conversion related settings: video and audio sample rate, bit-rate, video width & height
  • Each video format can have own watermark image
  • Selected video formats can be placed in special protected directory to be available just to members with paid membership (protected using lighttpd with mod_secdownload)
  • Can display lower quality videos to free members and high quality videos to paid members
  • Several screenshots can be taken from video to create animated video preview on mouse over
  • Image filters make thumbnails sharper and better looking
  • Maximum video size limit and file formats can be set

Pictures upload / conversion

  • Maximum amount of images and file size limit can be set for public submission
  • Images can be resized (downsized) to selected resolution
  • Watermark can be added to each image
  • Thumbnail size and compression can be set
  • Thumbnail for each image is created with image filters to improve quality (imagemagick)
  • Main thumbnail to represent gallery can be selected from created thumbnails

Interest Groups

  • Browse groups by: Featured, Recently Added, Most Members, Most Videos and Most Galleries
  • Members can create a new group and choose a unique group URL. Group owner can set the group type: Public, anyone can join. Protected, requires founder approval to join
  • Group owner can edit group settings such as pre-approved video uploads, forum posting and set group image
  • Build-in forum module in each group for members with common interest to interactive with each other and the ability to reply to a post
  • View each group detail such as members, videos, picture galleries, group owner and group topics
  • Group members can add videos and picture galleries to group
  • Featured groups can be picked by hand or automatically by pre-set rules (minimal members count, videos, galleries etc.)

Registered users

  • Users can upload profile avatar (photo) with option to manually select crop area from bigger image
  • View/rate other member's profile and subscribe to the member's videos and galleries
  • Save video playlist and favorite videos
  • Upload videos and galleries
  • Comments videos/galleries, user profile)
  • Can create blog
  • Can create groups
  • Message other users and site admin
  • Add/remove friends in the contact list
  • Configure mail notifications about different events
  • Modify own profile information
  • Set site-wide niche filter, so straight users will not see gay or tranny content for example

Internal Messaging System

  • Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and send them to other members or site administrator
  • View inbox/outbox messages
  • Delete messages


  • Page showing last posts in users blogs


  • Users (affiliates) can create iframe with site content filtered by user/category to show up on own site with own affiliate code to promote your site and get credit for signups

Administrative / Config Features

User Management

  • Display all members or by status (enabled/disabled, gender, age, country, user/webmaster, username/email/ip)
  • Option to sort member by listing ID, Name, videos, galleries, views and submission limits
  • Edit all aspects of member account
  • Send email to each individual member
  • Manually set membership expiration date, views and submission limit to selected user
  • View/delete saved banners for webmaster accounts

Video Management

  • Display all videos uploaded or by different filter criteria ()
  • Sort video listings by date, duration, rating, views, featured status
  • Edit/delete videos uploaded by members
  • Display videos that are flagged by viewers as inappropriate and admin can delete video or remove the inappropriate request
  • Search videos by video ID
  • The administrator can choose to Approve Videos before they appear on the website. This function can be turned on or off.
  • Configure different conversion related settings: video resample, resample width & height, sound quality (rate), video bit-rate, keep original videos, etc.
  • Videos can be added several ways:
    • Parse from gallery URL
    • Upload from dis (several videos)
    • Fetch from URL(s)
    • Hotlink from URL(s)
    • Bulk import of gallery URL's list, video URL's
    • Bulk import from folder located on server
  • Video preview thumbnail can be selected from range of made screenshots

Gallery management

  • Display all galleries uploaded or by different filter criteria
  • Sort galleries listings by date, pictures count, rating, views, featured status
  • Edit/delete galleries uploaded by members
  • Display galleries that are flagged by viewers as inappropriate and admin can delete gallery or remove the inappropriate request
  • Display galleries that are requested by viewers to set as featured and admin can have the option to set gallery as featured listing or remove the request
  • Search galleries by user
  • The administrator can choose to Approve galleries before they appear on the website. This function can be turned on or off.
  • Configure different conversion related settings: thumbnail and image width & height, compression quality, watermark, border cut (to remove ugly black borders)
  • Galleries can be added several ways:
    • Parse from gallery URL
    • Upload from dis (several videos)
    • Fetch from URL(s)
    • Bulk import of gallery URL's list, image URL's
  • Gallery preview thumbnail can be selected from range of preview thumbs made

Group Management

  • Display all groups or by status (public/private/protected)
  • Display group details such as owner contact, total video uploaded, members and group topics
  • Admin can view group topic details such as topic title, dated created, author, number of posts and approval status
  • Set a group as featured
  • Ability to moderate group topics
  • Ability to edit/delete groups
  • Search for groups by ID or group name
  • Ability to send an email to select group

Sponsor gallery system

  • Pull galleries from a daily updated database with over 700k galleries from over 750 sponsors
  • Your site is updated with new videos and pictures spidered from sponsor galleries
  • Videos and galleries get automatically sorted into categories based on description keywords, tags are automatically created
  • Appropriate ads can be added to each video or gallery, based on sponsor and paysite. You set them once and rest updates get them automatically.
  • Search sponsor by niche, affiliate system
  • Preview sponsor galleries before import
  • Signup to new sponsors when they come available
  • Add sponsor manually that are not in our sponsor database
  • Switch sponsors updates ON or OFF
  • 100% unattended operation as the script imports new content when available
  • Thousands of new galleries added each day
  • Ability to automatically build and update your site from XML feeds containing FLV videos (sponsor provided)

Payment Management

  • Search in payment history by username, billing type and date range
  • Graphical signup statistics

Site Settings

  • System Configuration
    • Ability to edit all aspects of site, videos/galleries per page, picture sizes
    • Mail configuration
    • Modules configuration (enable/disable menu items)
    • Languages configuration (edit/add new languages)
    • Edit system email templates
    • Advanced video conversion configuration (video formats settings)
    • Ban System (word, IP address, country)
  • Paid membership Settings
    • View/edit/delete membership packages
    • Set several payment methods by package
    • Set separate packages with different submission, views and membership length for common users and webmasters
    • Pay per video/gallery credit system. Flat or per video length/pictures count pricing.
  • Advertising
    • Add unlimited advertising zones for video and picture galleries
    • Ability to edit advertising zones using HTML
    • Admin can enable/disable each advertising zone for webmasters banners
  • Security limits
    • Comment post and usage limits to avoid system cheats and misuse of user accounts for spamming
    • Upload limits
    • Default member view and submission limits
  • Automatization of featured videos, galleries, groups
  • and much more ...


Smart Tube Pro Prices

1st copy ...................... $499
2nd copy ..................... $399
3rd copy ...................... $299
20 copies pack ........... $1499*
Optional installation ....... $40
Domain change ............... $25

* order this package here