Smart Thumbs Script

TGP site content management solution.

SmartThumbs (ST) is a complete tgp script (thumbnail gallery post management script), it makes your work easier and faster by automating gallery preview and thumbnail cropping. Productivity based thumbnail rotation makes your productivity higher and brings fast traffic growth. Your site is automatically updated with new images every few minutes. Some of our consumers were not able to grow their sites beyond 20k, started with us from 10k traffic and boosted to 90 or 150k traffic in few weeks without feeding traffic! Our rotator is running on a 1.120.000 hits per day site with more than 1.790.000 clicks.

Main features

  • Works with any trade script
  • Server resouces friendly, tested on several huge sites
  • Multidomain support, you can run several sites from one database and one admin with separate rotation and statistics for each! (one licence per domain is needed)
  • Index page is based on template, so you can make any design you want, no limits!
  • Template system is very easy, NO macros, NO programming
  • Built in template maker - utility to help with index template creation
  • Several hotlink servers support with load balancing
  • Gallery check tool. Changed galleries after submittion are reported. Scan content of the gallery (images, videos) and report broken links for each submitter/sponsor
  • Built in traffic analyzer to see, who is sending crap foreing traffic or who is cheating you by proxy. You can set critical values to highlight red. Traffic analyzer could be easy switched off in settings, for those wo dont need it.
  • Simple gallery import. You just paste your galleries urls and script will scann each of them for pictures or movies
  • Bulk galleries import does filtering urls from your input
  • (you can add for eg. "12-Nov-03: bla bla" and import tool will take only url)
  • Scanner handles galleries with big pictures on new html page
  • Fast thumbnail cropping tool. Script will show you all images from scanned gallery in choosen size. You have just to click on the best one and gallery is saved. No manual cropping needed!
  • Gallery preloader - preloads your new galleries for fast thumbnail select, you don't need to wait untill all images are downloaded and resized, its metter of three seconds.
  • Gallery autocropper - will crop thumbnails from gallery content and automatically select best thumbnail from gallery and delete rest, you just need to import gallery urls!
  • You can make thumbnails any size you want
  • If you want to select cropping area manually, you have java applet or flash cropping tool with very native drag&drop functions built in!
  • Imagemagick support for sharpening images (like Comus thumbs)
  • You can set own imagemagick filters, image overlays and category name in thumbs
  • Multiple image selection from one gallery
  • Gallery scanner will tell you, if gallery contain some malicious code like javascript redirects, popups, iframes or meta refreshes!
  • Gallery scanner remember deleted and just imported galleries. You don need remember which sponsor gallery is just in your database. Just paste them all and only new ones will be imported
  • Build in "recycle bin" management tool, where you can search/delete just deleted galleries (delete gallery from bin in case you want give it second chance)
  • Database backup and restore
  • Find&replace function to mass-edit galleries url (eg. advert ID), description and alt text (eg. helpful in case when sponsor change gallery links, or you want just to change your mistyped refferal code)
  • Pay spots option - spot can be autodisabled by clicks amount on thumb, after certain amount of index expositions, on given date, by combination of minimum index expositions and expiration date
  • Public gallery submission form for anonymous webmasters and partners
  • Email, word and domain blacklist for galleries
  • Script use static main pages with thumb size specified (no popping thumbs from small squares)
  • In case, when mysql database is down (not caused by our script for sure ;-)), rotator will wait (and count clicks) until will be up again without index or traffic lost
  • You can set different skim for each thumbnail
  • You can redirect nocookie traffic to specified url and set special skim
  • You can set noref traffic skim
  • You can set "first click to gallery" for all thumbnails
  • You can set Xth click to traffic broker
  • You can create your own click pattern how to handle clicks, like "gallery, trade, trade gallery"
  • You can set exact place where will be placed new thumbnails on page
  • You can choose how many pictures will be added by each refresh
  • You can choose how often will your page refresh based on total clicks
  • Sponsor based click statistics and group possibility. Sponsor does not convert? You can disable all his galleries with one click!
  • You can set sponsor based skim to boost traffic to best converting sponsor galleries
  • You can build categorized niche index pages to trade on them with niche sites
  • You can create galleries archives
  • Text links support, sorted by click statistics!
  • You can import galleries with thumbnails from any other tgp script
  • Partner accounts can expire on rule
  • Partner galleries can expire on rule


Smart Thumbs Prices

1st copy ...................... $250
2nd copy ..................... $200
3rd copy ...................... $150
Optional installation ....... $40
Domain change ............... $25